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One trillion extra trees are needed ASAP

Problem: Where do we find the land?

Answer: In small chunks all over the world. Not prime cropland, and not residential land.

Problem: It’s privately owned.

A: We buy it then.

Problem: I don’t have my own land.

A: You do now. You have lifetime access to the plot your tree is on.

We give you the GPS coordinates of your exact trees. Come visit this year, or in 2060. Bring the family.

Problem: The tree I plant today might be plowed up in 15 years for another land use.

A: Not here! The conservation easement keeps it a forest no matter who owns the land. We are permanently locking down this and other plots against future development.

Problem: We need that land for farming.

A: replantUS only uses marginal agricultural land: unsuitable for crops but great for trees.

Problem: My tree might die.

A: We take that personally. No joke. We will do our best to defend your tree against deer, rodents, and weeds until it can fend for itself. But yes, it might. Schedule multiple trees to mitigate the risk.

Problem: The government isn’t doing anything.

A: We can.

Problem: I think climate change is natural.

A: Trees do so much more than sequester carbon. They clean the water and prevent erosion. They clean the air. They turn groundwater back into rain. They create oxygen. They house the animals. They protect the insects. They intercept wind born pesticides. They’re pretty.

I have a question…

    • Why hasn’t this been done before?

    The commercial value of the land drops to almost zero after the easement. Nothing can be built on the land, and the trees can’t be cut. 

    • How do the $1/tree planting schemes compare?

    Most replant trees on public land after fires and logging operations. Important, but different.

    • Different?

    Plant a baby tree to replace a 50 year-old Pine recently harvested, and it’ll be the year 2070 before you break even.

    We buy private farmland and afforest it.

    This is literally the only way tree planting can reduce atmospheric CO2.

    • Can I come see?

    Yes. We commit to being fully transparent. We’d love some journalists to come review our operation including all books and records. Can we buy you a train ticket?

    • Can I bring my own tree?

    Also yes. We encourage hands-on involvement. Bring the kids. Check social media for the planting schedule as Spring nears.

    • Can I give this as a gift?

    Yes. During checkout, the “Ship To” name is what appears on the ID card and that address is where it’s mailed. For multiple gifts, you may find it easier to just email us the names of the recipients and the tree quantity each. We will send you a single PayPal invoice, and we can ship all the IDs to you directly so that you can put them in your own holiday card.

    • Do you need volunteers?

    We wouldn’t turn you away, but we are probably okay without. What we DO need is board members for Patchwork Forest Land Trust.

    • What is Patchwork Forest Land Trust?

    It’s a nonprofit that owns the conservation easement. And we believe that no members of replantUS should be involved  in the land trust to avoid any conflicts of interest. 

    • Can we copy your business model?

    Oh God yes.  Please do. I can imagine these all over the world buying up tracts of junk land, reforesting, and locking them away. It would be nice if they all ceded their easements to the same organization (may I suggest Patchwork Forest?) How cool would it be to have a network of small forests all over the world to visit?

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