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1 Tree $12

During checkout, the SHIPPING name/address are for the ID Card. Use the name you want on the card.

1 Tree and ReplantUS ID Card

1 Tree and ID Card

You can add more trees below

3 Trees $30

These will be planted in a group, and you will get a seperate geo-tagged photo for each tree.

Add 3 Trees  $30

Add 3 More Trees

Four trees per year (per person) if carbon offset is your goal

10 Trees $90

This will make a nice little grove, someday you can put a bench under them and enjoy.

 10 Trees $90

Add 10 Trees

Reminder, you bought a single tree at the beginning. There is no limit.

One Acre + naming rights

The name will be in a large, heavy, woodcut sign at the entrance to the plot. Name must follow the pattern “Jane Doe (Memorial) Forest.”

No political names unless you are that person. Contact us to order. Includes 10 ID cards.   

One Acre + naming rights

One Acre (only 1 available)

This means approximately 750 trees.

100 Trees

These are all planted together. You will get 4 geo-tagged photos – one at each corner. We will flag the corners for the photos.


100 Trees

Add 100 Trees

1000 Trees

Same picture setup as the 100 trees: 4 photos, from the corners.

1000 trees is a nice corporate gesture in conjunction with reducing your carbon output.


1000 Trees

Add 1000 Trees

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