We bought this land in the Summer of 2019–specifically for trees.

We love planting trees. We won’t live to see them grown, but our daughters will and that makes us happy.

The plot is 20 acres, located at 65595 Highland Road, in Eileen, WI (tax records available online). This is in Bayfield County, barely five miles from Lake Superior. A nice place to visit. To see what you’re missing, Google: Bayfield WI, or The Apostle Islands. 

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Before 1850, this was old growth forest. The Northwoods. Sadly, during the  “Cutover” it became an enormous stump field.

It isn’t good farmland. Plot A is wet. Half is suitable for hay, but of poor quality.

Trees LOVE it though.

And in addition to storing carbon, these trees will help to clean Lake Superior by slowing runoff and absorbing some excess fertilizer before it gets to the lake.

Replanting a forest after a fire or logging operation is important, but at best it’s a break-even proposition. The only way to GAIN carbon storage with trees is to plant old farmland and wasteland that hasn’t had trees on it for generations.

That’s our mission.