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•CO² Mitigation

•Memorial Trees

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Imagine you live in a big city and want to *personally* plant some trees. Where do you even go? It’s not like you can sneak into a park and do it.

Well you can use our land—or just let us plant them for you.

These trees are yours forever. And so is the land under them.

So whether it’s a Memorial Tree to honor your mom—or an couple pines to offset that flight to Paris—you’ve found the best place on Earth to plant a permanent tree.


We Will:

  • Plant your tree for you
  • Protect your tree with an easement
  • Send you a geo-tagged photo of it
  • Authorize lifetime 24/7 access to the property
  • Offset your carbon while you sleep


  • Trees alone won’t solve the Climate Emergency, but they’re a fantastic start.
  • Help us to convert old pasture to your own private forest. It’s low cost, makes a great gift, and it’s permanent – by law.

    We’ve donated the first 20 acres. The profits from this 20 acres will fund the next 20 – creating a patchwork national forest.

    It’s an exciting new concept in re-wilding and carbon mitigation, so be sure to check out our FAQ

What You Get

  • Your tree planted
  • A photo of it
  • The exact GPS location
  • An access ID Card
  • Use of the land for hiking & primitive camping – forever
  • A positive feeling  (but continue to Reduce Reuse Recycle)

* ID Card ships immediately.
* The tree and geo-photo come during planting season.
* We have just received a small tree order (800 seedlings) from DNR (9 May 2020) and will be planting them this weekend.

ReplantUS id card
geo-tagged photo of tree planted by ReplantUS

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